Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What A Day I Had!!^^

What a day I had today~~ Come on..first was being flag bearer for my uniform group this morning. Things went ok at first but when I finish raising up the flag, I had to rush in tying the rope. And in the end, I felt a bit embarassed but still ok de la.. Then went on to Restaurant Hang Li Po at Karamunsing Capital. It was Wandy's birthday and he gave us a treat. We had our happy time eating and chit chatting among ourselves. Cut the cake and went back to our respective hostel.

When I reach hostel, my friend immediately invited me to go swimming with him. So, without a doubt in my mind, I agreed. Who knows I had to pay RM5 for a swim, haiz..they say one who is over 21 years old shall not be consider a student. Haha, what to do, just pay lo. After that, went futsal with my classmates. We were against BM class. Haha, it was a plan which we planned long time ago and today finally we can play each other. After so long~~ Nice match and good atmosphere. I love all of them. I miss every moment of them. Anyway, I did score 2 goals...Wahahaha... Come on, happy day~~ Had Bakso near Queen and nasi ayam at Hajara~~ Mantapla...^^

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Cindy said...

wah!!! so sporty ya~~~

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