Some Experience from Labor Day 2011

Wanna share some experiences from these few days here. It's the weekend where we have Labor Day on a Sunday. So, this gave us an extra day off for holiday. Oh well, I will have 2 trial exams coming tomorrow morning. Yet, my heart is just not here yet and it will just keep on telling me to have fun and fun all the time. It's just hard to control one when they are spending so much in just a few days. I have been spending about RM400 this weekend along. This is just great as I am officially broke once more. So, I am telling myself now that I must control myself more from now on. No more popcorn and soft drink when watching movies from now on. Only movie. Laugh out loud. This weekend I spend my time at Manukan Island and went to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park today. I had a nice time off from all the thoughts of exams. It's just so so good and enjoying. One thing is that I went with many Chinese friends of mine in this IP. In case you don't know, there are only 3 Chinese in my class and both live in KK. Oh well, we don't really mixed with each other other than when it's class time. And sometimes, I do feel unwell because of this. Tell me why. On the Zoo trip today, majority of the people who went was from the BC2 class and BI Tesl class. BC1 class had other activity going on, BM class had excuse as there are no chinese in their class, same as BI Tesl secondary and there is left with one representative from MT class which is also my class. Sigh. I really feel sad. How come it's always only me. I have no idea. Sometimes, I do think back of whether I had made the right choice in being here. Am I thinking too much. Tell me why.


King Ning Ning said…
Dun b sad, u still have GC members bah....we r one family...cheer^^
Candice K. said…
Aiyeee.. dont be sad.. you have us.. like ning ning said.. but i am not the GC family laa.. haha :P Be grateful that you have friends that cares about you.. :)
khaifire said…
thanx gals..haha..yeah, we are one family!! Lol..^^

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