Sunday, May 15, 2011

Like as we Like, Be Firm!!

It's hard to know if you really like the girl you like at times. You may think that you like her so much that you can do anything just for her. But how well do you really know about her? Can you be so sure that she is your type and match all the criteria you are searching for all these while? Whatever we think that is true does not necessary apply to others like the way we want them to be. We are we, they are they. Another problem, can you be sure that you are not clapping with one hand when you like someone. How can we react when we find out that the one we like does not like us as the way we want them to be? Love life is really not that easy to conquer. So, we might as well choose wisely when we have the chance. Do not ever rush into love when you are still too young and in the end up in disappointment. P/s: Rumors should never affect your decision, be firm and all the best!^^

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