Monday, May 9, 2011

No Hard Feelings~

Human's feeling are just so unpredictable all the time. Just like the weather. One second you are fine, then the other second everything is the opposite. Not everyday can be as nice as we want. We can be acting as much as we want but only ourselves know if we are really that happy or we choose to continue to be fake in front of the people surrounding us.

What some lecturer wants from me is just so confusing. They wanted us to do this and that just to get that half mark. After writing one whole page of essay, it is still not enough. While the other lecturer is another complete different story. One point for two marks. No need elaboration or further example. Gave us all the tips and questions we needed. In contrast, the other one just continue nagging herself there the whole day.

The same girl is appearing in my mind nowadays. Dreaming of her all the time. Sort of dream girl. Long time didn't have this kind of feeling already. It's just so so nice. Having her alongside me while I am down. Just seeing her online in Facebook is so enough to give me the motivation and inspiration I needed to walk the path of my life. I hope I can really tell her one day in the future that "I love you".

1 comment:

Marcy said...

wow leng, I wonder who's dat girl anyway..hehhe
Gdluck! :)

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