Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's the 1st of May today!! Yeah, which means that we have been through one third of the year 2011~ How come time can pass by so swiftly is the question. 26 days to holiday. 1 or 2 more weeks to exams. Oh well, suddenly I have a feeling to emphasize on life. What is life to you and me? Why do we need to live in this world? The purpose and meaning of life. Do we ever thought of finding it. What's on your mind now?

To be able to have a nice and enjoyable life is the cream of everyone's life. We live to enjoy. Happiness guarantees good life. Whenever we are happy, our days shall get better and better. But then, what about the others? Have we tried to care about how the others think. Especially the ones around us. We may enjoy at the moment but on the other hand, all your family members are suffering deeply in pain just to cover up all your debts.

Different people would have different life. Some are lucky while some are not so. Yet we all have a life to live. The life we live will determine who we are today. One small mistake may make the whole of our life doom and there shall be no return for us. Some friends may care while some are full of ignorant. We may be heavily involve in a discussion while the other guy will be doing his own business as if he is not a part of this.

Love in life. You may love anyone you like in this World yet does the other half that you like, like you as well. How many percent of the love at first sight works? How successful can two pairs be brought together by that. Oh well, you think about it! So, think deeply of the life you had now. Have a nice day and Happy May-ing!

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