A Guy Simply With No Brain!

Some people will just never change. Chinese saying, 死性不改 which means the death attitude shall never change.

This a story of a person who is so selfish that he can betray all his friends and abandon them as if they never ever exist in his life.

He just have no brain to think wisely. I wonder how people like him who have read so much on the thing about JERIS to be doing something like this. He claim that he did so well in the exam.
Stingy in info and money. He can read so much yet not share with the people around him. When people share something with him, he will automatically take it without thinking twice. What a kind of people.

Please la, save yourself some face. When people say this, he will just say that. People say no. He will always say yes. Cooperate a bit la. Think of the other people surrounding you la.

Act like a philosopher, talk like a newbie! What a stupid noob. Go to hell la. So individualistic. Go back to your kampung la.


JazZ moCha said…
what happened allen??
khaifire said…
some people in this world who thinks that he is on top of the world..being so selfish..not once, not twice or thrice...but uncountable times!!! LOL...
Marcy said…
mcm knal jak?hehe..relax allen..org tamak slalu rugi :)
khaifire said…
yes..marcy...u surely know him..hahaha..oh well, rugi or not..i dunno la..lol..>.<!

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