Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick N Poor!@#$#

Sick again..sien.. Just recovered a few days ago the evil thing is coming to me again.. ah... Why can't i just protect me more sometimes when i can? Must you be so cruel to yourself.. I m tired..very tired of things.. Wanna get back from where I m situated now.. I m doing something i never did before in my life.. I spend too much le..i know,i know.. One day soon I will drop and will have nothing to spent.. Haha..sok le.. Every week i can spend over a hundred dollar.. Argh...too pro le la..


Barbara said...

waseh... allen, u so rich ar? gv me sum lar.. dun bazir on other ppl lar.. haha.. take gd k of ursf.. jaga2 is tat h1n1 oh~

khaifire said...

haha...where got rich oh?? Me wanna pokai liao la... Lol..will de,will worries.. Wahahahaha..u take too ya..

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