Monday, August 17, 2009

Contrastness of Two Teachers

Oh well, eventually I be myself once again. Din do what others persuade me to do it. I still think that it is too fast for me to do so. She is really not my type la. I wanna something more near and like me. Anyway, enough of girl talk. Let's talk bout our Maths 2 test. Hmmm..the thing is I din do quite well and wasn't happy about it. I kept silent and was nearly in a bursting mood when I hear that noob teacher speaking in front. I just controlled myself as cool as I can. My rationalism is still in my hands. Mood was really down until the end of recess.. I got my confidence back as I thought to myself, if this is what I m going to be frustrated about..what shall I do in the next 5.5 years? Haha..this is just a small and simple test la.. I should be standing up firmly and do better next time to prove to Mr.Koo that I can do it. So, I am back when it's Mdm Rumba's Maths period.. I can do each questions happily and I am back to normal..... La la la..

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