Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy 1 Month Anniversary

After days n months of waiting..night of prayers.. It's here is the one month anniversary of the time I m here in IP Gaya.. The time has been quite wonderful..quite nice.. N the most important thing is tat I love it.. I am like a big bro in my class n my classmates are cute n friendly too.. Haha..although I would think of Unimas once in a while..i still dun regret my decision and will surely continue on silently.. The facility are ok and the lecturers are great except a couple of them.. But i will sure adopt to it de la.. La la la...every night sleep after 11pm and wake up before 6.30am.. Sometimes really feel really sleepy but quite xi guan liao la... Life in IP or anywhere far from home is like this de la..,one month just like this...tiring..full of works.. Hmmm..i actually went to lots of shopping malls le ei.. N spend lots of money le.. Wahahaha...Happy 1 month anniversary to me lo..

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