Thursday, June 11, 2009

Uniform Camp 2009

Yeah..finally get through here le... After 2 days in the uniform camp helping and playing along... Being judge in the flag making part...marching part... Oh summarize the whole camp's ups n's pretty "ok" for me la... Haha..everything was just like what i predicted in the previous post... Hmmm..everything starts from the nite before the camp..the preparation was like zero.. Haiz..time went over and over... Many things were delayed.. Some games needed to be cut short... Some groups finished earlier while some jiu slower lo... Aikz..the food was completely G.G la... the principal can feel the pain liao.. Who ask him to do so at first?? The place we slept was still ok de la..maybe xi guan liao.. Hmmm...the timetable.. lolz.. Anyway,the participants was so far so good.. Anyway,it's all over liao... I am so relieved now... Yeah...achieve another high in my life... First time as a teacher in charge of Uniform Camp...the other 2 times was as an officer(BB) in 2007 and as a participant(Prefect) in 2008~~ O ya,before i forget...there was a manito game in this camp too.. Although it was a little weird la..we get to know who we will be taking care of in the morning..and it was manito nite right on that nite.. Haha..i took care of Rina(din took care much la)..lolz.. Paiseh ah..din really know who took care of me ei.. -_-!! La la's all over le.. No more camps,jia you ba!!


Bentuckee said...

hey how's the result for drill? =)

khaifire said...

erm..BB got first,Scout 2nd n GB third.. For overall,BB got first too..Scout 2nd..n PBSM 3rd..

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