Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Thought

I just wanna write something here or squabble something here but just dunno wat to do next. Oh well,i might as well go step by step ba.. Today is the 8th already... Have not study for more than 6 months.. I really think that I have played enough this time.. Just hope that my brain won't become too rusted when I got into Uni in just less than 3 weeks time... God,please grant me Unimas(Civil Engineering)... I thrist for that now I am sure what path am i heading towards... A lot of people is doing the same thing and I dun think this would be a bad thing either.. Wanna buy a laptop for myself now..3000++.. haha..half of my salary as a temporary teacher liao.. Anyway,still ok de la since I still have some extra 2 months' pay safe n sound with me now... I wanna have the best for me and not just cincai pick one which i might regret next time... La la schedules are just too too tight nowadays...bbq..badminton..futsal..limteh..camping..meetings..dinners..reunion.. Omg..i d even know that I have actually listed so many out liao.. All these things have make me use up the whole of my week except Friday.. I am free on Friday lo..although there was another leadership training camp waiting for to accept.. But then,i dun think i will go for that anyway... The camp looks mnot so fun to me....

After all the heap and ups..holidays for all the students jiu come to an end liao...they will have to go back to their usual life..can't sleep till so late le.. bros too.. They can't watch series so often like now le.. Chew..i bought the series and yet I am the last person to finish watching them.. Sien qu..i have not much time to spare on them either... haiz...time is gold and i feel that it's really not enough for me now la.. La la brief candle..

So so near to 20 liao..yet still like this.. Others told me that some in their 17 or 18 are like adults already ei.. Yet,we sarawakians..jiu so G.G~~ Argh...change...change...change!!!

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