Saturday, January 3, 2009

Teacher Job~~

I will be officially be a morning session teacher starting next monday. Haha..who would have expected that? I never had any confidence in anyway that I would get it the first place. But then, the teachers seems to like me or my loud voice ba.. I will be teaching PJK lo... Don't really had any idea on how to teach that sub la.. But when i come to think of it,it's not that hard actually. Just some sports nia ma.. So,now what I have to do is resign my post at Yeo's. Oh well,still got one more problem.. I need to take leave for 2 days~~the 9th and the 12th..since i will be leaving for KL that time.. So much headache i faced in thinking of how to solve this problem. I can't sleep the whole night dreaming n thinking of it. Finally,I think through this morning. I just have to write the letter and hand in to the principal ma.. Scare what la... So noob de... Haha...i will do my best in being a good teacher de la.. La la la...^-^

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