Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life brief candle

You will never know the pain that I have gone through all these while. The pain which makes me older day by day. Days gone by which can't return to it's original self. The inner wombs are so deep that one can never imagine. It is actually beyond one's imagination. One won't believe what has happened. But things happened can't come back and will never ever be repeated. You might watch a drama over and over again but you can't live your life the same way you live it today as you have live them yesterday. No turning back is allowed in your life. Don't beat around the bush or you will get caught. The World will never shine upon you as it has no sunlight to do so. You can shine the Earth by your divine spirit. Make full use of today and don't live the path of evil. Many have walked but not many have succeeded. Life brief candle~~

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Barbara said...

life('S) a brief candle?

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