Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday!!!^-^

Today...is the 6th of January 2009... Yeah,it's the birthday of someone very special to me before... I was once attracted to her so much that I will do anything for her. But as time goes by,people start to change. My love start to change. But,i never forget her. We are still good friends. So,I wanna dedicate this post of mine to her... I hope that she will see this or someone who see this will help me tell her about it. Deep in my heart,I know I still have a nice feeling for you just that I dun dare to show it in front of others. I once promised her to give one another a 3 year period for us to cool down. But then,it's coming into the fifth year liao... And I haven done anything to pull her heart to me. But I did do something which once touched her deeply. That was when she was leaving for matrix during the end of May 2007. I wrote a letter to her. N i confess to her.. So...Happy Birthday,my dear friend!!! Happy 20th Birthday to you!!!

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