Sunday, January 18, 2009

Puppy Love 2

Love is's so complicated at times.. We love one another..tis is a good thing.. God loves us as he send his loving son to sacrifice for us.. there are lots of loves in this world.. Sometimes we r stuck in puppy love which can't be explained.. We dunno what are we doing.. We love to do what we want.. Chew..who cares leh? Why do we need to think so much of this thing? Just dowhat we like won't promise us anything.. Love can bring one to heaven for a few seconds but can also bring us to hell in just a few minutes time.. No time for us to take our time.. Lolz..i m speechless.. So lucky to be single now.. I love my life just as it's now.. and like is so different that we don't realize about it.. Can this be explained? Dunno is the best answer.. So..people are so like this.. Nothing to say.. I can talk to talk but can't do to do.. hehz,,i write so much so jia you ba.. i dun care,i just wanna be yours! La la la..^-^

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