Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Goodbye Assignment + Welcome School Works! Busy Times Ahead!

Anyone want to have some coffee time?

Yeah, I guess some of you already got the news that I have done with my assignments for the whole semester. And the thing is, this is the last assignment for the whole master thing. I completed everything in 10 days time. All in one school holiday! Oh my, I still have no idea how my time passed the whole time. I have been facing my laptop like non-stop. It was all about assignments, eat and sleep. There was essentially no time for entertainment. I was barely able to go out for breakfast with my friends this time. Not only that, it was just a bit unusual for me to have not travel to anywhere this holiday. I usually would be going to somewhere no matter near or far. But then, for the sake of assignments, what to do la. I needed that time to finish everything as I would have face big troubles had I procrastinate again and again. 

The Picture will a father from Mill Hill

There are just so many school matters waiting for me to solve especially the year 6 extra class and teaching. I need to give them all the best so that they can at least get a pass. Now is still a bit too early to say if I can achieve it or not. But fingers crossed, hopefully I can really do it la. Come on Allen! Now that I have finished with my assignments, finally I can breath a sigh of relieved. The feeling before I have finished them all was just really not so good. You will just keep on thinking about them and do not know how to start typing. You will even open the laptop, click on the Microsoft word and still, you will be stuck at the first word. Nothing could be done and I eventually gave up. Thanks goodness, there was still the holidays for me to do battle with assignments.

When will my friends come visit me again? Haha...

Well, this was the first time I experience this, I certainly hope I do not have to meet this kind of situation too often in the future. Though I think that the earliest I will come into such situation is in two more years time. Who knows. So, after this, I can put my focus on my school's teaching and the final exam which is coming in May. This shall be the last few papers before I concentrate on doing my final project starting from the next semester. April is one of the busiest month of all in the school. There will be a lot of school competitions which will be going on and I know that I myself will be pretty busy as well. So, just bring it on! That's all for now ya, guys and gals! Have a nice day and see ya all again in the next post! Do follow my blog ya! It's www.allenpasta.blogspot.com in case anyone of you still do not know! Bye!

So let's go!

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