Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kapit Teaching Life Yo!

How come life can be like this nowadays? Yeah, I m starting to get used to the life here. I don't even have the urge and feel to apply for transfer back to my hometown anymore like I used to have when I was first posted to here 2 years ago. This year is my third year teaching in kapit. I keep on telling myself that there is no point in applying transfer as I will surely not get it. It is quite impossible as the place I want to transfer to is always full and there are still many other people who are waiting anxiously for that place above me! So, why panic? Well, there is actually a lot of good and positive thing that I m posted to this place, Kapit! It's actually very near to my hometown, 2 hours plus using express from Kapit to Sibu. Compare to last time when I was in KK, this place is much much better. Last time, I can only come back every school holiday. Now, I can go back every weekend if I choose to do so. But eventually I didn't do that. I even have the urge to stay back in order to save my Rm60 to n fro express ticket. Even though the life here is not as interesting as in Sibu or in KK last time, but at least I have found some new friends here. My school colleagues, Sibu friends who also work in Kapit and some church friends here are my loyal companions here. Some other positives are that I can save more money here as there are not much places where I could spend my money on here. The legendary road from kapit to sibu are rumored to be done in 2 years time. So, let's just hope that will really happen. *fingers crossed for that! So, all in all, I can say that Kapit is actually quite a nice place to be posted to. At least that's what I found out after 2 years here. Who knows I might stay here for another 5 years? Well, let's just follow the flow for now. All the best to my teaching life. Come on Allen! See ya all! Peace!

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