Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some Fusses About Life

Sometimes I cannot understand how come time can pass by so swiftly without us realizing. It has been 2 weeks since I last posted anything here. And yet I thought it was more or less around 1 week. I can't really tell u what have I done for this past 2 weeks exactly. It has been work, work and work non stop. Meeting after meeting, class after class and etc. I have not been back home for the past 3 weeks including this week. So, everything have been so far so good here. Soon, I am gonna have my semester break which is the coming week. As some of you may know already, I am gonna stuff my holiday with my assignments which I need to finish all of them in that one crucial week. No more procrastinating for that one week. I need to be focus and finish all of them once and for all. 3 more days to holiday and the war shall start! Ok, tonight I just wanna write as much as possible. 

Recently, I just have a camp for the school prefect. Not that I wanna comment on anything, but the way the camp was ran over the weekend was indeed a very special way. It was like what we called individual power over collaboration. Sometimes we just like to trust ourselves more than we trust anyone else. Or maybe this is what we call power struggle. We have too much grudge on the power we have. We think that we can run the whole show but did we even care about how the others look at us. How will they feel about the way we do things. Are we just gonna be selfish in doing our things without even thinking of the others. Well, only the person in charge can tell us the answer. We may feel tired of running the tasks given during other camps but for this special camp, we felt tired of doing nothing. We did not know what to do as there were no briefing given beforehand. What to do, we can just follow or how to say, we do not even need to show up. 

People's mouth can be very bad at times and we cannot stop them from being like that. It's the way of life, the norm of the society. People just like to talk so much. No one to be blamed as we are all born like this since young. We always like to talk about others and not about ourselves. People ah people. When can be more civilized and more clever in using our words. Not everyone can understand us but we should at least try to be good. Do not overdo something we are not supposed to do. How many of us can actually keep this in mind. No one knows. Wait, actually you know, I know and God knows. Anyway, that's all for now then! See ya all in the next post ya.

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