Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Remaining Time For Allen!

Well... so now we are into the month of November! The final two months of the year 2014, the year which I will graduate for this teaching institute! Been through a lot lately to reach here. So now roughly we have around 15 more days to go before everything here become memories for the rest of our life. We can Never turn back time as we moves on in our life. 

We are who we are and others shall always remain as others to us. For this final semester here, a lot has been done till this moment where I am left with an action research book to bind and 3 exam papers to cover. Done my internship, cover all the assignments, presented my action research and most lately done with my spp interview. I am really grateful to God that all of them have been gone through marvelously. So far so good and I am really happy that they are all over. 

However, now I have a really weird feeling deep inside my heart. I am scare of reaching the end that early. I am not sure if I am prepare to be a real teacher and teach my students in the real school. Can I really do it? And I am really gonna miss my best friends I have here in KK. I have a feeling I will cry so hard on the day I fly away from here for good. Not a good feeling and there will surely be a lot of people, things, food and etc which I am gonna miss here. 

Indeed, I have known a lot people here for all these years. However, like what my friends have said the other day, there are many level of friends. Let me put it like this, I have a lot of friends but some will always just be acquaintance, some are my normal friends or shall i say classmates, some are my best friends and some are my most trusted and most important friends. I care for every single of my friends out there and will be deeply hurt too in case my friends got hurt too. So, please never hurt my friends.

Anyway, with this I would like to sincerely apologize to all of you out there who has been hurt by me directly of indirectly. I can only say that I am really sorry for what I have done all these years and if there's chance, I shall treat you to a meal or two to make it up to you. Not much time left for all of us here. In another 2 weeks time, it's the time to say bye bye to everybody. Never leave a place with regret as life is never too long to live in regrets!

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