Monday, October 20, 2014

How Complicated Can Humans Be

One thing I could not understand the most is how complicated humans can be at time. They just could not put down as easily as it seems at times. People can be put together in one place for 5.5 years and still act like strangers. Maybe it's true that one mountain can only have one tiger. There can never be two or three tiger being the head of that particular mountain. Not everyone can be a leader. That's why we need to compliment each other and build a successful relationship between each of us.

To be honest, I do still think if I have actually made the right decision on my profession or the path for my career all this while. I know it's like it's near the end of my study life for the teaching course yet I do still think as if I still have the choice. If I had the chance to return to the past and make a choice once more, will I make the same decision? Oh well, I shall keep the answer to myself for now.

Seeing all the scenarios happening surrounding day by day, I have indeed learn a lot. I know who are friends, who are acquaintance and who are just nobody to me. I shall appreciate all those who are friends to me and spend my time wisely with them by my side whenever I have the chance. For those acquaintance, thanks for having you in my life but you are just an acquaintance and always will be one. With limited time left, sorry to say this but I have my own life. Do not bother ruin mine and I shall not ruin yours either. Now to the nobody, you can continue being negative there all day long. But please don't you ever dare influence me. I am a positive thinker and I live a positive life. I believe that everything happen for a reason. No one hate you for nothing. There must be a reason and can you please just be more aware of it and not be a nuisance.
What can I say about this. 5.5 years can be short to someone and can also be quite long to the others. You will have to face each others for half a decade. Day in day out, the same people all along. With the limited time left, please do use the leftover time wisely and not waste it in some hating business. You hate me and I hate you, in the end what do we get? Unhappiness! Try to think of the way in making ourselves happy and be good to the surrounding people. The world needs you to be a better teacher for our next generation! All the best guys and gals.

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Jazz mocha said...

Yeahh same here! just ignore those "negative vibes", they aren't important btw. Be positive. Always. Aja2 Fighting Oppa!! :D

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