Friday, November 7, 2014

What's Done, Is Done!

People keep on asking, we keep on denying. People do this, we do that. Why do we keep on avoiding the truths all the time? Why must there be so many hypocrite surrounding us all? These are some questions for us to ponder for some moment today. We have chances to do the right thing yet we gave up that chance and instead did something else which is not as good. Weird or not, you tell me!

I know I am not perfect and I will never be one perfect person. No one is perfect in this world other than the high above God of ours. Who can say no to that? I do make mistake and all I wanted is just a chance to say sorry. I wish I can make it up to you before it's really too little too late. But will you ever respond to my apology? Do I deserve a second chance, you will judge.

Standing where I am today doesn't mean that I must be proud all the time. There are always time for us to look back and reflect what has been done all along the years. The road we chose, the places we have been and the choices we have made which brought us all here today. Who to blame if the happiness is not enough for all of us? Who to find in telling our stories? Deep down in our heart, we know the answer! Never say No!

I am a realistic person and surely I know I cannot turn back time. Once hurt is caused, the pain shall always remain there. Even if you say a thousand times sorry also mean no point at all. So if you really want to remain suffering and doesn't wanna let go of it, I can Never stop you. You have made your choice, so I shall respect your choice. I can only say all the best for your future life from afar. May God bless you all the time and I wonder if we will ever say Hi to each other next time when we meet on the street!

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