Thursday, November 27, 2014

5.5 Years With My Dearest IPG Besties!

Without realizing, my 5.5 years with IPG has really really really come to an end. I have achieved what I aimed for. I have finished what I was supposed to finish. It has reach the ending point and there is no way for us to turn back time and repeat what we wish we had done before this. I still remember when I first came to KK, I felt like finishing the course as soon as possible. I just can't wait to get it all done and go back to where I belong.

Honestly, I didn't really like the place and also didn't manage to get along well with the people there. That was in the first semester. The feeling of going back home was ever strong as time pass by. I just can't wait to go home as soon as the school holiday arrive. I feel like I was being put in a cage whenever I stay there. But then, something change as time pass by. I have started to form a bond between my beloved classmates, friends in IPG, churches friends, travelling companions, Chelsea supporters group and etc. 

Anyway, today I would like to highlight my closest friends in this 5.5 years of studies in IPG. We are known by the name of JOJ! 11 members one heart, one objective which is to be able to be compliment to each other. They are Icha, Kinah, Pajan, Ichum, July, Wandi, Juing, Afiq, Lv, Marsi and me myself. We have went through a lot all these years. All the ups and downs. We even fought and quarrel with each other before this. But in the end, we make up after all. We are one family. 

All those trips to Kundasang, Kudat, Kota Belud, Tawau and dinner after dinner are all gonna be our sweetest memories from now on. We all know that time can never return to how it used to be. What we can do is just reminisce what we have done through all the pictures taken. We can think back all the happiness and sadness all those while. We are all humans and have feelings towards each others. I cannot deny that there are some which indeed change me a lot along the way. They gave me advice and have always been great listeners.

I have been thinking back of the things and events we have gone through all these while for the past few weeks. For the first time in my life, I feel like not going back to my hometown as soon as the exams ended. And I knew that it was the right choice. I went for the final trip with my dearest friends which will always remain as my sweetest memories in my life. We also send our friends to the airport when they finally decided to go back to their hometown and this time they don't need to buy a return ticket back to KK. 

I admit that I am a very emotional person and yeah, I cried for my friends. I will miss their presence in their and I may never have the chance to meet them anymore after this. Who knows. Weep after weep and in the end, it's my turn to go back today. I thought I could hold onto myself but in the end I gave in after all. My friends just meant a lot to me and I love every single one of them! Thanks to all of my JOJ friends for your moments and time we spend together. Sorry if I have made you all angry and if there are some wrongdoings of mine which hurt you all. I hope that we can meet again next time. More posts to come after this! Have a nice day people!^^

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