Thursday, August 28, 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Thursday once more and this means that the weekend is just about to arrive in a few moments time. This weekend I am gonna spend my weekend with a weekend getaway from KK. Keningau, here we go! A camp which I gave excuse of not going every year as it always bump with the school holidays! This time there's no more excuse. This is a church camp(Kem Barnabas) I must attend to no matter what happen. I could not care much more as this is my once and only last chance already! So, Allen, Let's Do It! 

Although there are many works to deal with nowadays, I guess I can still be grateful that I am physically ok with the surrounding. Thanks God I am not sick and still can deal with the things with the help of my friends. Though not all have the same head with me, but the things are being settled one by one eventually. With this, the time eventually pass by swifter than we realize. Now I can tell myself that there are 85 more to go here! And in another 16 more days, I need to temporarily leave here for a week. So, one quote for you all before I end here~~ Don't worry, be happy! The World won't stop turning because of one small problem of yours! 

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