Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let It Be! Come on Allen!

Not everything goes to plan all the time. We can always complain that why the reality is so cruel and why is it so not into our hand. So what about trying to solve the problem using a plan B rather than complaining all the time. Time is gold and we don't have the greatest of time to achieve what we have planned all along with the duration of our beloved life. All we can do is try and try and try again in order to get what we wanted. This in the end may probably give us the happiness which we have been seeking all along.

Even minor stuffs can make one laugh till crazy. For instance, we were just sitting in the classroom like normal days and then suddenly someone came up with a topic on animal. I only know that cats can be gay too today. I laughed my heart out as never in my life I can ever imagine that this can happen. So now I realize that not only human can be gay but animals too. Oh my! Where have I been all along?

The weather nowadays are kinda good and is just fine for hibernating. Yet, I have taken some time off to do some of my works first before I actually hibernate on my beloved bed. Today I declare off day for myself after suffering from pain for my whole body. Tomorrow I shall continue to fight once more. This is it. A target shall always remain a target. Nothing can stop me! Come on Allen.

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