Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Final 38 Days! Come on Allen!

It's been a while since I last visited here. Been through a lot of hustle and bustle of this final semester life. So now I am back here as soon as I have finish handing in all my assignments for this degree life, action research done ready to be checked and so on. With not much time left here in sabah, indeed I will have lots of things to miss.

This is the final week of our class and next week we are into our first week of study week where I will spend my time at my home! Exams starts on the 10th of November, follow by 13th n ends on 17th. My interview will be either before the exam period or after it. Honestly, I would rather have it early and need not think of it anymore once it's all over.

Now to the class which I have been in for the last 5.5 years. Sadly to say, it's gonna be the end soon. In 38 days time, everything will be just another part of history for me. Went through all sorts of stuff and indeed a lot of memories created in between! To be frankly, I have actually forgotten most of the things which happen before and can only keep the happiest moments in my mind!

There are a lot of people surrounding all of us. Some good, some bad. Some are what we call pretenders. What I know is that we can never satisfy all the people around us. There are deem to be some people who is not satisfy with our decision. So what to do? We can just close an eye and open an eye in facing this. Be ourselves and get over with this few weeks in the happiest possible way!

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