Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Time + Friends = Everything!

A few weeks have passed by since my last step at my beloved home. In 2 weeks plus time, I will be back once more. Counting down the time to be back at home has been my favorite pastime here. It just bring me so much pleasure! Been through 2 days of "Kursus Kewangan" for yesterday and today. I did learn a lot of things such as budgeting, insurance, money management and etc. Although I am not so into these kind of course but it's still not so bad as time pass by even swifter with their presence.

A lot of things to handle these days as the class monitor for the final semester. I did not really expect it to be like this. How to manage 21 heads in the class? I am just a normal human being and I cannot make everyone in the class happy. So, in the end, I can just say good luck to a few and sorry to the other few. Anyway, just leave the unhappiness to God and He will know how to guide me! I still have lots of other works to come. For instance, assignments, action research, projects, presentations, interview and not forgetting the coming weekend's church camp! Can't wait for the much waited camp, Barnabas Camp! I even give up the chance to join my friend for an international trip for this camp! Huhu...>.<!!

We will surely be quite upset if some beloved things of us got broken or damaged. Recently, my 2 years and 7 months old printer got sick and I can no longer print using it dy. My mood was indeed affected and luckily it can still be repaired when I send to the printer shop today for service! Thank God for that! So, in life we should always appreciate all the things or people surrounding us at all time. Do not ever regret when it's all over or during the time when you do not have the chance to meet each other anymore. No one is gonna give you another second chance if you yourself do not even want to help yourself! Have a nice day everybody!

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