Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Motivations In Doing Something We Do Not Believe!

The Motivation Can Be Found here! Lol..
Ok, to start of this post, I shall say hi to all my dear friends. It's been a while since my last feel to write arise from my mind. It's just hard when we do not have the real motivation to do something. We always need some pushes in our life to do something. We change because of the stimulus which are situated deep in our heart. We do not simply change. As we all know, we human are sometimes kinda stubborn. We may get used to be who we are and not tend to listen to the others. It's indeed hard but if we do not give it a try, who can guarantee you that you would fail.

How the Size Changes Over the years...
So, after trying it and all we get are just failures, what should we do then? Give up and stop trying. For me, I will choose that path but with a little bit add on. I will stop for a while and reflect back what have I actually done wrong. What was the problem and can that be overcome? That's how life should be. If we keep on trying and trying without reflecting, there must be something wrong and we are with our stubborn mind once more. Good luck for that and I can only say may God bless you.

Goodbye for Now!
I have been trying to do something for a long time. Been avoiding it for whatsoever reason and I never manage to do it real. So this time I am doing it for real. I need to do it. Have been receiving quite a lot of noises from others and this is really annoying. This in the end turn out to be my motivation to change. To do need I need to bite own tongue to change. The determination to do this is like the whole Empire States Building is being burn right now. So, let's all see the changes in 3 months.

The Road Can be long but never give up!
5 rounds a day, 20 push ups, 30 sit ups, 10 seconds plank! Are these too much? Maybe ya. But I can just hope that I can maintain doing this. I do admit that it's kinda tiring but nothing can stop me now. Think of what can I get after 3 months. That's it. I am doing it. So everybody please wish me luck ya. Goodbye and I shall update my progress from time to time.


Dora said...

All the best! So next time we are going for a jog, can ask you la haha btw you should change the link for my blog

Anonymous said...

Allen. Let's do it together ~ lol


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