Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updates For This Weekend!^^

I believe in miracles. Yeah, this is one of the best quote I have seen so far in my life. We just don't know what to expect at times. They just come as they like. What to do? Nothing can be done except accepting them willingly. The moment we put our trust in someone is a very critical moment in our life. This someone may just determine the path of our life. Yesterday I ran in a 7K Sutera Harbour Charity Run! And I manage to finish the whole thing in 50 minutes. Come on.

The moment I post these things meant that I have surrendered my secret to all of you. You can read them and comment about them. But somehow I just feel that the moment of truth is getting closer and closer. That's why I said I believe in miracles. The all important thing happen next. Who can tell me exactly what will happen to all of when we reach doomsday? No one. So, we shouldn't act clever all the time especially when there are wiser person in the big big world.

Allowance for this semester has came by yesterday. Somehow I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be. Well, this time around I am not gonna spend big as I need to save for a lot of things to come. I haven't buy a single ticket next year, the year end Penang Trip enwaiting, broadband, new handphone or gadget and lots of small things. So, dun expect too much from me this time around. I am still me. Though I will have something new with me coming next weekend. Come on!

 Talking about my homeworks and stuffs I have been into all these while, I guess I have settled them quite nicely. I can sense that there are many more to come. Yeah, God bless me always. I know He is with me all the time. The guidance he can give are all the best. Other than that, I had a quite amazing weekend. Nothing special but I just love it.^^

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Ashley Alexandra said...

Wah you guys all joined that run? That's good. Btw, don't forget to post about events happening at Gaya, ok? :)

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