Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3rd Class Anniversary! I Love All My Classmates!!^^

Well, unlike some other week where I am quite stress out with my works and the things I am currently on, this week has been quite awesome! Haha, on Monday I went to SK Kampung Contoh and became mentor to a few primary 6 students. Well, I did my best in helping them and I realize that I still has a lot of ground to improve. I need to learn more in becoming a better teacher. Lol, I know I can and may God bless me abundantly!

The group of students who we were taught~ Haha..

Gerai Kelapa Salut! Haha~

Lecturing? haha~
 Yesterday went ok, went out for movie and some shopping with my classmates. Hmmm, yeah, u seldom see me going out with my classmates! I know this too, but I really enjoyed walking with them. They are just different and have a special place in my heart. It’s not that easy to spend 5.5 years with the same group of people everyday. Come on, watched Spiderman and it was just great. Had some time eating these and that, walk here and there. Got myself a new pair of sports shoes. Nice!

Kelapa Bakar~ Haha..

Lokan Bakar!!! RM12~

Mee Goreng Daging~

 Now to the highlight of the week. Today! Hehe, I love today the most!! It was uniform day as usual for every Wednesday. But today we have our class ended earlier than before and so, we used this time to get ready for our class anniversary at Salut! Initially everyone had high hope of the place but in the end most of us turn up quite disappointed with the place, as it only serve clams and coconut. Not the seafood which everyone had in mind. What to do, we have reached there and the important thing is that we all gathered together.

Walking with the umbrellas~

Upside Down House

Upside Down Car~

 So, everyone was not so satisfied. We decided to move on to another place which is the Upside Down House at Tuaran. Haha, this is the best place. Although we need to pay RM10 but I still think that it’s worth it. We bought a t-shirt for each of us. Different Colour and took a class photo. Hahaha, we liked the place unlike the place before this. Drank Coffee Latte and took lots of photos.

Drinking Latte in the Upside Down House's Cafe~

Each one of us got ourselves a t-shirt~


Udang Goreng!!

Everyone eating happily!!
If you think that we were gonna end there, then you are wrong there. Our next destination was KK nite. Once again, we took some epic pictures there and laugh happily. Had our dinner! We ate squid, 2 types of fish, vege and white rice of course! Come on, all in all for just RM9 each person. After that, it was goodbye and I can see from the expression on all our faces that we are all really satisfy and happy! Good good. Anyway, this is the best anniversary for the last 3 years! I love my classmates!! Maths Maniac Salut!^^


Dora said...

I think you got the wrong salut :) hahaha.. Happy Anniversary Allen

Allen said...

no la..we reli planned to go there.. But just din expect it to be like this.. Hehe..thanx ya Dora!

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