Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Life To Be Change!^^

Yeah, one can have a really different life with just any other person in this big big world. The way u have been living your 20 plus years may be so meaningful to you yet just so normal for the others in their eyes. I actually went for a church cell group last night and learned something really useful. Well, from now on wards I shall practice more at home. Hehe, if we are all so grown up dy and still don't know how to think, what is the point of us growing up and being mature? Come on...^^


Dora said...

so I have heard hahaha

change for the better Allen, you can do it! Be the man God would be proud of hehe

have a great weekend!

Allen said...

hahaha...thanx ya Dora...I shall do my very best in changing! Yeah...^^

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