Saturday, June 2, 2012

Holidays + 我可能不会爱你

Hi there everyone! This shall be my first post in June 2012 and before I start any other stuff, let's say goodbye to May 2012! Well, this is a start to another whole new month. This month shall be call a holiday month, as i will still have my holidays till the 17th of June. O ya, I will also be travelling to KL for some window shopping coming this month-end for 3 days 2 nights. Haha, another month full of expectations! Can't wait.

Anyway, as June came by and May pass by, I have just finished watching a Taiwanese drama in about a week time. Haha, the title is 我可能不会爱你. A very very nice and meaningful drama to me and to a lot of you out there as well! I recommend u all to watch it if u have the chance and time. Come on. So, hereby I would like to share with you all a few quotes I like so much in this particular drama:

1. 我可能不会爱你!(I may not love you!)

Well, the more we repeat this quote, the more we would be telling lies to ourselves. For instance, the more we want to avoid it, the more it's coming back to us. So, don't ever avoid love. Just let it come naturally and many better things shall occur eventfully! Come on.

2. 拥有就是失去的开始!(Possess it is the start of losing it)

About this quote, the director elaborate by telling us to appreciate all the things we possess as the moment we start possessing something, we are actually starting to lose it moment by moment! We should take good care of all the things and people around us. They are so precious and needs your love and affection!

3. 为什么人家都说男女之间不可能会有纯友谊? (Why does people always say that there may never be pure friendship between a boy and girl?)

So, if there are two best friends(boy and girl), there shouldn't be pure friendship between them? Well, I personally disagree this statement. How can u fall in love with all your best friends? You can actually like a lot of people but true love shall only fall on one person. Friendship is a very pure thing and we should make it a special thing to all of us. We don't need to think of love all the time.

4. 你找到一本值得一读再读的书了吗?(Have you found a good book which deserve to be read over and over again?)

Anyway, this is not actually talking about a book. It's just a symphony. So, in ones' life, there must be someone special enough for all of us. The one and only one who can make us look at her over and over again. You won't be tired of looking at her, accepting her everything and be with her in your everyday life. This is the one and only book you are trying to find in this big big world.

5. 为什么"熟悉"让"我爱你"变得这么难讲?(Why "closeness" make "I love you" become so hard to say?)

Between 2 good friends, can there be love between them? So, has closeness of friends make the 3 important words so hard to say? There may be  some truth in this as it's not as easy as it's said. Oh well, friends shall always be friends and lovers may be our best friends as well. We can share, talk and do anything with her. So, I am 50/50 in this quote.

6. 婚姻不是戒指既不能换尺寸也不应该勉强自己去适应它!(Marriage is not a ring where we can change the size of the ring and we should not force ourselves to adapt it!)

So, let's talk about marriage now. Before 2 persons get ready to go for a marriage, they should actually consider a lot of things. We should not do things in a rush. Think carefully whether he/she suits you or not, can you live with him/her for the rest of your life, can you accept his/her good/bad, and etc. You shouldn't be thinking of giving away all the time as you may be able to give way for once or twice, but you can't do it for the rest of your life. Don't compromise all the time.

7. 我不能活在没有你的城市!(I can't live in a city without you!)

This is actually about the guy who tells the girls that he can't live in anywhere without her. Love needs to be protected and it's pure. Take good care of it and you shall live as a great couple! Quarrel, love and fight do occur all the time but we must always learn to accept it as there is no city out there which is perfect without the appearance our beloved one.


Dora said...

ooooooo :D nice quotes!

Allen said...

yeah...i love them so much oh...hahaha...^^

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