Friday, June 15, 2012

2 More Days Here + England!

2 days to KK, 2 days to the new semester and 2 days to continue the student life of mine. Well, I definitely enjoyed my 3 weeks back here in Sibu. All sorts of things to do such as trip to Belawai, a day of work at the oil palm plantation, and most of all having tea time with my friends from all sorts of background. Yeah, well-spend holiday indeed. I shall be meeting them again next time as I know there will definitely be many more chances next time. 

Tonight I will cheer for my team, England once again. Yeah, I have been supporting them since ages just like Chelsea. Well, although I have no idea why so many people like to attack their players, I will still support them no matter what. Don't judge a book by their cover. What they do outside the pitch don't necessary reflect to the way they will perform on the pitch. So, think before you actually try to criticize. Good day!

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