Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Start of Semester 4!!^^

Ok, this shall be my first post for the start of sem 4 this second half of the year 2012. Since the start of the first day of this semester, I have been feeling really busy and seems like indulging in a lot of stuffs right until now. Finally, it's Thursday and we did some arrangements to our timetable. After all the adjustments, we will have class to the maximum everyday. From Monday till Thursday we shall have class from 7.30-12.50pm while Friday will be from 7.30 till 11.30am. One extra afternoon shall be Monday where we will have class from 2-4pm.  

Anyway, I am quite grateful with this arrangement. At least we only have to attend one afternoon class compare to the 3 initially. Yeah, tomorrow shall be another day off for all of us as we will be having our Teachers' Day Celebration. Euro 2012's quarter finals between Czech Republic and Portugal followed by NBA Finals Game 5 between Miami Heats and Oklahoma City Thunders shall make my day another superb one! Wahahahaha...TGIF indeed.^^ Well, all the best to all of us this coming weekend. Good day!

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