Sunday, June 10, 2012

Belawai Beach on 9.6.12

Well, at least I can tell myself that I have actually went to a new place this holiday. Yeah, Belawai Beach yesterday from 8 am till 6.45 pm. I went there with a group of church friends. I was actually quite late in registering myself as I really have no idea of this until the very last minute. Anyway, I was so happy grateful I was still able to make the trip in the last minute. Did hesitate a while whether to go or not at first but luckily a friend of mine gave me the right advice and I never regret it. Now what did we do the whole time at there? Now why don't we let the pictures explain to us..^^
Play in the water, duh, "everyone who went to the beach without playing the water ain't going to the beach" , quoted by someone! Haha..^^

Went there by bus along the bumpy road, 2 hours journey.

Mesmerizing view at the beach!

Having games there! Activities flow by...

How time flies, we were once in the same group, 圣家!

Good place for dating? Lol..

Yeah, squeeze the sponge!!

Hmmm, what were we doing oh?

Thinking of our group's slogan!

We actually played frisbee as well...hahaha!

Under the hot hot sun...>.<

Nice leh? Wanna come? Hahaha...

Have a nice day out!

Not forgetting the splashing fun!!

Nice blue sky~~

Eating session...^^

BBQ Chicken Wings...

The way back home!
WOW!! Goodbye Belawai Beach!^^


Dora said...

Nice, really nice! but 2 hours? Hmmm..

Allen said... took us 2 hours to get, 4 hours spend on the bus..^^ Nice place indeed..planned to bring u all there last time but x jadi in the end...too far away n din reli know how to go there..>.<!

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