Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eat And Experience!^^

Here's some update of the things I have done so far at home for the last few days...haha, indeed some different kinds of things... Well, being tired of eating at 2 different wedding lunch n dinner in one day isn't that fun after all... Had a lot of food and felt so full in the end. Haha, anyway, I am quite thankful to God for making me full! Then to yesterday. I went to a small oil palm plantation owned by my church at Kanowit. Worked there from 8-4pm.. Well, cut my hand after removing the wild grasses among the small oil palm. Got sunburnt after being under the hot sun for a few hours. There was no shed there actually. Got some new experience. Oh well, I really have no idea if I would ever go back there in anytime soon. Haha!^^ That's all for now.


Dora said...

Allen, keep your job as a future teacher ;) haha
have a great day ahead man

Allen said...

hehehe..yup..sure sure..u too ya.. good day!

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