Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Think Positively, Think Differently!^^


Well, indeed I cannot hide the feeling of uneasy when I first got to know about the news. But then, after sitting down and think over about it, I finally got over it. Yeah, there is always hope whenever we don't give up that easily. So, come on guys and gals out there. Be a man and stand up firmly before all obstacles you all are currently facing. I just did with a mastermind plan of mine. With the 2 traveling plans next semester, things are really just on the right track.

After all, there are still such a long way to go before we really grad. So, why bother so much. Practicum is gonna come in soon and that's another great news. Oh well, just hope for good news for that. Come on, sooner or later we are all gonna be house bound. Not really a bad thing though if we can find a suitable and comfortable place to stay. Especially with the chosen friends of us, and the most important of all, Cheap. Anyway, for now, I leave everything to our dearest God. I know that He has every reason to do the things he did and plan for us all the time. Thanks ya God!^^

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Cindy said...

ooo........ hahaha

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