Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Next Three Weeks!^^

Now what should I do in the next three weeks? Well, as you all know, it's holiday for me. No work, no assignment, no exam. So, only food, fun and sleep for me. Wow, if I continue to indulge with this kind of life, it's gonna be real bad. I really urge my Unimas friends to come back as soon as possible. Come on, I need futsal and sports to be precise! Soon. Yes, maybe next week. 

For the first 2 days here, it has been eat, sleep, play for the whole time. Nice one indeed. Time seems to pass by as slow as snail. Haha! Thought of lots of things like buying this and that. I need a new phone, but how much and how good must that phone be? Lol, travelling again next year? Maybe, who knows. I can't choose too much things at a time. So, it's either travelling or new gadget. Oh God, please help me choose and think carefully so that I won't regret in the future!^^


Dora said...

Buy pink one like my ex-roomie :D haha.. next sem also I am thinking of changing my HP..maybe s2.. hehe.. but see first

Allen said... pink colour meh? haha..see first la.. Hehe..ur ex-roomie pula.. Ok ba S2..^^

Albert Yong said...

I say dy, buy PHONE!!

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