Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Usually Happen~~^^

We must believe in the things we do at times. People really like to look down on the others who are just not so perfect as they are. They think that they are always the best and no one can grab them down from the high mountain which they are standing since a long time ago. People who are cocky are deem to be pull down in no time. Just watch and see, you won't be staying at the same position for long. No one can be success forever. There are always some ups and downs in ones' life. If not, how can we say that this life is just like a roller coaster. Think about it.

The way people say something is just not so nice at times. You can talk all the crap you want in front of me but you might just not get the response you expected from me. So why don't you just shut up and get lost before I actually throw in the towel to start quarreling with you there. Act as if you are such a pro just won't help you either. No need me to remind you that you actually paid a lot of consequences to be in that condition now. So, is it worth it? Only you, yourself know this. What a hypocrite.

Seeing how the people around dealing with things just make the week even more sickening. How come they can come out with such ideas and thinking. Yeah, indeed all of us has the freedom to do anything we want but why not we just make them a little bit more ethical to others. You can argue that others can just ignore them but it's still not right. Wrong means wrong, right shall always be right. What to do. This is the life we live in, a world of reality. Oh well.

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