Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Luck Man!

Yeah, nothing is impossible. Anything can really happen in front of your lovely eyes anytime God permits. From the moment you put your trust in someone else's heart, everything has started to change to a whole new dimension.

I was just wondering how can time change a person's heart so rapidly. Everyone thought that he was still the same old self who was there pursuing for the heart of that special someone to him. Yet, he eventually gave up too.

He decided to give his heart to another person. No more waiting for the single tree he has been looking at for the last 10 or more years. Wow. Quite astonishing. The new girl looks just okay. But whether he really love her or not is just another long story ahead. Who knows what he has been thinking all along.

Is she really the one for him or is he just finding a substitute to his long pursuing girl which he has not been so successfully in getting. Oh well, this kind of questions are quite sensitive. So, we might as well just let it be.

Good luck to my dear friend and I shall always support you from a faraway place.

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