Friday, July 8, 2011

Teenage Dilemma~!!

Hahahahaha..i will be going back for the raya break in September after all... Lol..I have thought of having my PBS or shall i say school based experience in english at KK.. But then, after considering all the circumstances, I have decided to go back eventually. Yeah, this is another choice to make this week. Had to made lots of choices these days, some right while some are just so wrong that it was just so so embarrassing.

One big decision is whether we shall take the plane to KL in 6 days time. We booked the tickets last year back when we were just doing foundation. Now, it's degree, we just can't simply skip class., everything must be well-planned. 30 hours famine...oh well...come on...go or not go... Haiyo...seem so right yet not so alright... Dunno la...

Back during raya break? Another big question in my la...RM350 at least...anyway...going back will definitely make my life easier.. I dun need to give my hope on somebody else.. La la la...hehe...dilemma all the time...nt cool at all... Bla bla's friday!! So enjoy ya...^^

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