Nostalgic Moment Once in A While

Having a very nostalgic moment again nowadays. Keep on wondering what might have been if I had taken that step a very long time ago. Whatever it is, all I know is that it's all too little too late for me to regret anymore. Time has gone by but the wounds are still as fresh as new. Life has never been easy. Acting like a happy person was never my style. I just can't make a fake smile when I am really really unhappy. Feel like nagging to my blog tonight as I don't wanna think of any assignments and homework tonight. It's a Thursday and last week I actually flew to KL on this very night. Tell me, how time flies? 2 years here already and can I really say that I am happy to be here? I do agree to a certain extent but surely not all the time. Some people are just not destined to be good partners or companion but you never know how they actually come to help when you are in need of them.


Aleeya Farisya said…
i like ur post....sometimes i like 2 be here...but sometimes...i don't like.... sometimes i'm happy...but sometimes i'm unhappy...
Lawrence Kiing said…
exactly man! especially the last sentence.

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