Monday, August 30, 2010

The Cruel World

When we do too little, we will be complained. On the other hand, when we do too much, we might be said we are being too busy-body or even left unnoticed. This World is full of things like this. It happens everyday to every single one of us. One question which pops out all the time is "why must it be me?" The others seems so invisible that they just won't make a sound when someone needs help. The silence was just too scary. In the end, someone must be sacrificed no matter what. Who to go if not "me"? However, after the acceptance of the high responsibility, the heart is just not so fine. Stress and tension all the place. Oh my, how "I" wish someone would pull out their long hands in helping "me"? But it's just so hard to find any people like this. The one who can help has their own things to do. While the one who are willing to help will just be as busy as "me". This is just not cool and what to do other than accept it and go on with the cruel life. Good luck,friend!

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