Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 2 Pulaus' Trip~

I went to Pulau Mamutik n Pulau Sapi yesterday with 8 other friends... Although the cost was quite high, n i admit that i really overbudgeted this month...i still think that it was worth it! I relaxed myself at the beach...saw lots of chorals...fishes... Lol...i played the banana boat..scream out so loud...forget all the worries of assignments~~ Wow...enjoy the time with lawrence, huai sheng, ching ling n her sis, yan yien, ci hui, zhi xin n yun ching... It was great the whole time...this was the first time we went out with so many girls... Haha...nice nice...i hope to do more next time... Anyway, 12 more days to go to sibu!! Yeah..^^

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