Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friendship Built As Years Passed By!

Last night while I was in the plane, I actually have some sudden thoughts as listed below:

Suddenly I have the feeling of missing my classmates who have been through so much with me for the last 5.5 years. I really wanted the days to pass by as soon as possible at first. But now here I am starting to think how would life be when I they are no longer studying together with me next year. As days pass by without us realizing, we really should enjoy and appreciate every moment we can cherish with them. 

Never feel regret for not being able to use the time we have in the best possible way. Try to think back or reflect what activities we have gone through, whatever hard works, pain and gain, happiness we shared, the fighting n quarreling, the tension created and so on. There are deem to be a lot of unforgettable memories along this way. Some places we went together or some choices which we made together. 

Whatever been done or things undone along this few years, we can never rewind back to the past! We can only recall and smile as years pass by like a video. We shall always put each others in deep mind in years to come. Reminiscent by reminiscent to come. They say degree life is the best part of our life where we are most free to do all the best things in our life. I have so many friends along this wonderful degree life. 

I have some traveling friends where we have been to west Malaysia, east Malaysia and we even went to the overseas, Taiwan! I miss all those trips and I really hope that our trips won't just end there. Indeed, I really want to travel with you all once more when we are on our working journey coming soon next year. 

Other than that, I also have a bunch of wonderful church friends! There are the people who went to the church and went through the church activities with me so so often in the church. I can see that all of us has learned many new things and has indeed grown spiritually with God's guidance to all us. With this, I really thanks God for granting me so many friends along this journey of my 5.5 years of foundation and degree life! A teacher to be is gonna be born soon! Have a nice day everybody!

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