Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maths Maniac's Story!

Maths Maniac~~

Alright, now let's talk a bit of Maths Maniac~~ A lot of u might be curious what Maths Maniac actually I seems to post a lot on it in my facebook status... So, let me introduce to u my classmate for my degree course in 5.5 years... Maths Maniac is a maths class which consist of 21 students from different areas in Malaysia. We have Malays, Chinese, Dusun, Iban and some other races in it. Anyway, we are all good friends.

The BBQ we did in Sem 1
 I have went through 4 years with all these guys and gals...which means another 3 more semesters with them, 1.5 years to go. It's not that long and not that short either. Time passes really fast especially when we are busy with so many things as the semester pass by. From strangers to good friends, from people who never smile with each others to people who are the ones who we can laugh with all the time and most importantly from individualistic to cooperation!

I can't quite remember this..but we actually did this quite often..
 Most of us has our own stand most of the time and quarrel do happen once in a while. But then, with our maturity and somehow "Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde" attitude, we can actually overcome our problems quite easily and peacefully. Well, all I know is that one more friend is much better than having one more enemy beside us. Although we were all landed with hard loads of works, as long as we cooperate with each others and do our part in helping, nothing can bring us down that easily.

Raya celebration~
 Being able to stay in once class also require a lot of collaboration between all of us. We need to do a lot of group work together and that means that we might have some different opinion in doing our task. No matter what, all that is the past dy. We still have 3 more semesters together. Imagine after that, you can't never turn back time and wish for another chance in your life. If you think the time is still there for you, then you are absolutely wrong. This is because next year we are graduating! That's the fact and no one can change it.

We can even take pic in the lift!
 Honestly speaking, there are a lot of different gangs in our class as well. Not to say that I am proud of myself, but I do feel that I can mix around with all of them quite well. Well, you know, there are people from different background and has their own attitude. Some quiet ones, some noisy ones, some political thinking, some happy-go-lucky ones, some ignorant ones, some normal ones, some blurr ones, some others and most importantly someone who people often talk about.
The trip to Kuching!
Now to some of my own personal experience in this class, I was once wondering why on earth was I doing in this class. My Malay is not good, I can't speak well and I kept complain that I couldn't understand them. But eventually, I learnt how to communicate, how to talk to them, how to work with them and how to be like them. I accept their ways in dealing with things and tried hard to follow their footsteps. In the end, it was a success, no more complains and I think we have gelled quite perfectly, as a team!
Look at the pictures above, we are all in different colour of t-shirt. To even organize an event like this, it uses up all our ideas. 21 brains, eventually we came up with a total unknown place and miraculously, no one disagree with the Salut idea. We made it, went for it without any doubt and came 2 surprises, The Upside Down House and KK Nite! LOL, how wonderful. That was actually one of the best days I had with maths Maniac.

Haha...arriving at my place, Sibu!
Other than that, if you all know me well enough, you should know that I have never miss any of my holidays at my own hometown, Sibu. No matter how long or short it is, I shall be back. So, once in a while, some friends of mine will be coming to my place for a visit. Let's just mention them here. Hehe, hope you all don't mind ya...they are Ichum, Pajan, Aidi, Sepul, Marsi, Elvy, E-bond, Kina, Chah and Zu! They have all went to my house. So, another 10 more. When are you all gonna make the trip here? Haha.

Celebrating Birthday!
Yeah, talking about birthdays, we used to have birthday party every month. Since February it has stopped for some reasons. And the way we celebrate the birthday is quite different. The one who is celebrating birthday will buy their own cake and food for the whole class. He/she will treat the whole class to a meal or something. Haha, so some might think that it's weird for someone who is having birthday to buy their own cake on their birthday, but that's it! It's Maths Maniac by the way! Hahahaha...^^
A trip to Kundasang! KO in the middle.

Anyway, no matter what happen in the future 3 semesters or next time, I shall treasure this friendship forever. There must be a reason we are all brought together as a class. Oh well, have a nice day dear classmates during this 3 weeks holiday! Hahaha...^^


eyCha said...

Wee. You should add more. Haha. Pendek sgt tau. :p

Allen said... u wished, I have added the longer version!! LOL!!

eyCha said...

Hahaha. Weee. Best pla baca tau. Mmg bnyk sdh yg kta bwt sama2. 3 sem to go. Huhu.

Allen said...

hehe..baru ko tau...wahahhaa...ko pun tulis satu la...^^

eyCha said...

Hehe. Tgkla kalau sy rajin mau menaip. Then, I'll write one. Hehe

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