Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Dream of Being A Leader!(or not)

 Yeah, I finally realized my dream of making myself as busy as a bee these days with all sorts of works which I myself don't even know they pop out from where. They can just come so fast so furious and you will have no time to say a word No to them. If only I can be as ignorant as someone, I would not have been like who I am today. I told myself, I have been chosen by my fellow friends and I have to do my best to serve. I cannot be a cow who can be as ignorant as a fool!

The things which a JPP do is not as easy as it looks. If we really wanna get involve in it, we might end up like a robot. Do this, do that. In the end, what do we get? No idea. Money gone for Kuching trip, money gone for buying things for decorating the JPP room. Time wasted in helping up here and there. Sleepless afternoon. Well, what to do? I wonder why also at times. Why are there always the same old faces all the time? I tried to not involve myself, honestly. But in the end, I came also. Life.

 I know all of us have different task going on. For instance, assignments, other activities, money problem. But can't we tolerate a bit and come and help up for a short while? Is it really too much? Ok, some even don't know how to open their facebook page and give the excuse of not being able to access to the internet. In the end, they don't know that there are some meeting going on or works needed to be taken of by them. Disgusting manner in handling things. But this is not the worst. Some actually seen the posts in facebook and still ignore it and thought it's NOTB(None Of Their Business). How great.

 Anyway, the reason why I decided to write this post here is not mean to direct at anyone specifically. if you think you are the one, then you might be the one. I also don't know. Maybe you might still be as ignorant as a cow. I can't control that. Well, as a friend, if you do take me as a friend, please do take not of yourself. You might not know what are you doing now, but some day you will know. Good luck and all the best! La la goes on and we are still who we are. Take the right road and live the best out of it!

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