Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nothing Is Impossible!^^

Nothing is impossible, one of the best quote in my life. Indeed, we can't deny that quote. Even when everyone looked down on us, we should never look down on ourselves and not trust in our own ability. David vs Goliath happens every now and then. So, don't ever give up before you really tried your very best. What a night I had last night after witnessing the team I supported going into the final of the champions league after beating Barcelona. Well, they are indeed the best team in the world but we beat them too. So, how do you rate us?

Anyway, you may have your own opinion on how they play. In the end, the results matter most. We are in the final and they are not. Cheer and cheer. Scream by scream. In the end, we made it. Let's just enjoy for a day or two before thinking bout how we deal with our opponent in the final some time 3 week more to go. This is just a great great day! I am so thrilled and happy! Come on Chelsea! Show them who's boss.^^

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