Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long Time No Blog~~ Haha!!^^

Hi there guys and gals, it has been a long time since I last posted anything here. Well, quite a few reasons actually. Hehe, one of the main factor is of course because of busy-ness! Hahaha, all about assignments. What to do, every semester has to deal with this typical student life of mine here. Unlike some of my friends who have just graduate or has been working for the last couple of years dy, I am still here dealing with all these student stuff. Anyway, I do enjoy them especially the part when I finish them all and think of nothing else but freedom!

So, I have finished almost all of my assignments this semester except one, I guess. Other are done about 70-80%! Well, let's just be grateful of that! How great is Thy Lord to all of us. This coming shall be a very busy week at the church. Holy week starting this coming Thursday night, Friday's Good Friday afternoon mass, Holy Saturday and end with Easter Sunday! It's gonna be great and one which most of us anticipate a lot. Some may think it's a long break but definitely not for me. So, good luck and all the best to all those who are celebrating!

Other than that, what I wanna say here is that actually it's April dy!! Oh man, how come March passed by so swiftly without even acknowledging me? Must have been too much holidays, I guess. With this, one fourth of the year has been put to bed. How great, I just wish time to pass by as swiftly as the wind~~ I abhor for that! Come on~~  Oh well, I guess that's all for now. See ya all again soon! Have a nice day!^^

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Dora said...

Have a great month ahead! :D

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