Monday, April 16, 2012

Get A Room, Do Whatever You Want!

What a day I had. Someone just pissed me off just now. Please do mind that not everyone can deal with what you talk at times. It's hurting, you know? Just shut up la. You think anyone actually crave for you to talk nicely ah? Get a room. People ask nicely and you answered back like a fool! Tell you what, if I am not your friend, I won't even mind if you are doing drugs or anything bad. Who cares if you rot in hell? Oh gosh, it's like a pain in the ass!!! I hate you!!! Anyway, it's still not my power to judge whether you are good or bad. It's your own responsibility towards God. Good luck. I shall mark this day in my history book.


Dora said...

Chill bro, maybe they don't mean what they've said

Allen said...

It's just hard to understand how they actually think at times. N I feel so confused and furious because of this. Oh well.

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