Friday, April 13, 2012

Assignments Gone, Here Comes Exams!^^

Well, it's back to the time of the season when the assignments are being handed in one by one for the semester. The last one will be handed in tomorrow as well. After that, I shall begin my exam preparations as the first paper will struck on the 14th of May. Wish me luck for that as I felt really blank for the whole semester up until. Just hope that I can catch up with what i have lost. 

So, TGIF once more. 6 more weeks en-counting to back. How I wish time to pass over faster so that I can be at the best place of the whole world. I am eager to meet my long time no see's friends. Especially those at overseas now. Anyway, good luck to you guys as well. Don't forget to enjoy your life to the fullest ya. One more thing, to all the guys and gals out there. Please don't simply give this and that excuse. If you really don't feel like wanna do something, just say NO and don't waste other people's time. Come on la.

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